The adventure year wheel in Vardø

Life in the north offers enormous variety in the seasons. The same goes for activities and experiences in Vardø. Experiencing a true Arctic storm should be on everyone's "bucket list". The same is true to experiencing the midnight sun and enjoying a trip to the timeless Arctic tundra. The hiking opportunities are many. Vardø is also known as the festival city with open and heartwarming people. Visit one of Vardø's many festivals, from birds to blues. In the overview of the months below you will find highlights and experiences worth having. The videos are downloaded from (Vardø company) Biotope's video blogger. A movie from every month to give you a taste of weather and mood in Vardø at all times (weekly video blogs you can follow here). If you have tips about events and experiences we should include in the description below, please feel free to email us at Vardø Næringsforening ( or join us on Vardø Næringsforening's facebook page.



  • Darkness until January 23rd "blue season”.
  • Northern Lights Season.
  • Sunrise after 2 months of dark time.
  • Salute the sun from Vardøhus fortress.
  • Storms - a lot of weather and a good chance of experiencing a true, wild Arctic storm.
  • Open ski slopes in a number of places in Vardø municipality.


  • The sun is back and the people begin to "thaw out”.
  • Cold and wild winter weather.
  • Steller’s Eider and Arctic Ducks come back from Siberia.
  • The Kittiwake Colony is filled up and the famous and sweet spring sounds are back in Vardø.
  • Very nice light from morning to afternoon. Often northern lights in the evening and night.
  • Fishing begins again and it is possible to go fishing on the quayside
  • The cod season starts and you can get the meal fresh cod liver and roe"
  • Storytelling festival called “Tenning”
  • Snowmobile tours


  • Yukigassen - the European championship in snowball fighting.
  • Seafood week at Vardø hotel in connection with Yukigassen.
  • Fortress Games.
  • Gullfest - the world's northernmost bird festival.
  • The entire Varangerfjord is rich in birdlife and birdwatchers everywhere.
  • New ski slopes both on the island and on the mainland.
  • It’s still snowy and you can be lucky and experience a true Arctic storm.
  • The snowmobile season is in full swing.
  • Ice Fishing.
  • The puffins return to Hornøya and the bird cliff wakes up (the transport to Hornøya is now up and running).
  • 8th of March celebration with an appointment via Unnis coffee shop.


  • Newly made ski runs both on the island at Skagen and on the mainland at Oksevannet, Votteskarhytta.
  • It’s still snowy and you can be lucky and experience a true Arctic storm.
  • Still snowmobile season.
  • Ice Fishing.
  • The Snow Buntings return to Varanger.
  • From mid-April it's light 24 hours a day (end of the Northern Lights).
  • The road to the end of the world (Hamnigberg) opens, either at the end of this month or at the beginning of May.


  • Still, you can experience snow storms and go skiing.
  • Experience 3-4 seasons in a few hours. The weather is very changeable and you rarely see a true Vardø local walking in the sun without a jacket hanging on their arm. This is accompanied by many years of experience living in an Arctic climate zone.
  • May 17th you can experience Vardø city music, all kinds of weather and Norway's national day. Perhaps you're lucky with the weather, maybe it's a snow storm.
  • Varangerfjorden is full of birdwatchers and the activity on Hornøya is great.
  • The midnight sun appears in late May.


  • The snow will have melted so that you can take advantage of all the hiking trails in the area.
  • The salmon season in Komagvær opens, along with a cafe to cater for the visitors.
  • The salmon season in Sandfjord opens.
  • The café in Hamningberg opens.
  • Persfjord, Sandfjord and Syltevikvannet.
  • Driving to "the end of Europe" (Hamningberg) is a must.
  • Freshwater fishing summer season.


  • Vardø offers fantastic hiking opportunities.
  • Midnight sunshine and light all day long - "eternal light"
  • The last of the midnight sun will appear in late July.
  • Varanger Food Festival.
  • Pomor festival (last weekend in July).
  • Ripe berries at the end of the month if it has been a good summer.
  • Rhubarb season.
  • Guillimot chicks are jumping from the cliffs on Hornøya.
  • Resounding life in the bird cliff.


  • The month with the finest and most stable weather (usually).
  • There are fewer tourists in Varanger and you can have big areas “to yourself".
  • Berries have matured (cloud and blueberries).
  • Salmon season until about 22 Aug.
  • Perfect season for a bonfire in the "shooting", begins to get dark in the evening.
  • The only month that is "guaranteed" snow-free.


  • Hunting season starts
  • Berries (cranberries)
  • Colder weather but September is usually stable and calm.
  • The Storm Petrels on Hornøya sing in the evening after dark.


  • The road to Hamningberg is closed.
  • First snow usually falls in mid October.
  • A lot of cultural life and concerts
  • Crab Season.


  • Blues in the winter darkness
  • The city is colored blue
  • Goes into darkness (November 23, dark for 2 months)
  • Northern lights and blue sky


  • Polar night.
  • Northern lights and blue sky.
  • Winter storms.
  • Experience the Christmas market at the fortress.